Fertilization Planner

Ready-made fertilization map in 3 easy steps



Application to generate precise fertilization maps using satellite data and agronomic knowledge


You prepare a .shp application map in minutes. You decide the fertilizer application rates (kg/ha) yourself


Variable dosage of fertilizers means savings of 10% – 20%. Dose according to the needs of the plants.


What is Fertilization Planner?

Fertilization Planner is an application for planning areas of variable fertilization.

The application creates a ready-made application map .

SHP that controls the spreader in the field. The maps are created by analyzing the biomass of the plants using the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI ) and give the possibility of nitrogen fertilization depending on the needs of the plants.
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Finished map in 3 easy steps:.

step 1

After logging into the application, you select the customer field and satellite image for analysis

step 2

You choose 3 parameters according to your needs:

step 3

You export the finished map to an agricultural machine (.shp file)


Advantages of Fertilization Planner:

Web application, all in one place

Access to current and historical satellite images of customers' fields

Ready-made tool for selling application maps

A proven tool that has been on the market for more than 5 years