Camvio H100

An innovative system for weeders.

Working speed, up to 30km/h

Field tests have shown that our system accurately weeds crops even at 30 km/h.

One system for different crops

Access to IT, automation and electronics expertise gives us a major market advantage.

Easy and user-friendly interface (Plug&Play)

It takes only 2 minutes to set up and get the system ready on a work machine.


What is Camvio H100?

Camvio H100 is an automatic  control system for inter-row weeders.
The innovative system is powered by artificial intelligence and computer vision.

Camvio H100  is a complete and intuitive solution to help fight weeds.

The whole system includes:

Algorithm AI Camvio H100

Software using artificial intelligence

High-resolution camera

Hydraulic aactuator Camvio H100

Hydraulic cylinder with built-in piston position measurement

Software Camvio H100

Tablet with our app


Advantages and main benefits:

System startup in 1 minute

Operating speed up to 30 km/h.

Work non different plant varieties

Intuitive and simple software

Work at night

Working in variable weather conditions

Working in extreme field conditions (hills, irregular sowing)

Do you manufacture agricultural machinery?

Add an element of modern solutions to your machines. Camvio H100 is an automatic control system based on computer vision.