We cooperate on a B2B basis.
For more than 10 years, we have been providing innovative technology to companies in the agricultural industry


What does cooperation with us look like?

We support our Technology Partners before soil sampling by providing them with a tool that will easily and quickly create soil sampling zones.

We specialize in remote soil testing, which is featured in our Partners’ portfolio and provides their clients with information on the abundance of micro and macronutrients in the soil.

Our Partners also have access to variable nitrogen fertilization applications to create precise maps for their Customers.

QZ Solutions is a professional consultancy for distributors of agricultural inputs, manufacturers of agricultural machinery, and suppliers of precision agriculture services.

Saving time and money

Creating new solutions costs a lot of energy. We rely on simple and proven solutions.

Wide range of offerings

We provide ready-made services and products that you can incorporate into your offerings right away.

Simple and clear rules of cooperation

We work exclusively on a B2B basis and provide comprehensive after-sales support.

Join the ranks of our Partners
and enrich your product offering.