Remote field abundance maps, based on which precise fertilization maps are created.


Offer your customers precise fertilization maps.



The map is ready in a few days.


Replace the labor-intensive process of soil sampling.


What is SoilEO?

SoilEO is a remote soil survey service based on hyperspectral imagery and artificial intelligence algorithms.

SoilEO, are precise fertilization maps based on nutrients in the soil, such as:

Knowledge, on the content of these components, is the basis for optimal fertilization of fields.

SoilEO is an alternative to classical soil sampling.

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Why is SoilEO the future?

It delivers results quickly, in a few days, without waiting for results at the lab

It uses the most modern technology available on the market

The results of field abundance are obtained at a resolution of 6 ar

Creates precise fertilization maps based on abundance maps, ready to use

Eliminates human error in the collection of physical soil samples

How does our SoilEO service work?

Step 1

You indicate the Customer field.

Step 2

We acquire hyper-spectral images of the field.

Step 3

We analyze data using AI algorithms.

Step 4

We send a ready map of macronutrient abundance.

SoilEO is an innovative service
remote and high-resolution soil testing
in the context of constituents

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mapped hectares

Acidity (pH)


Magnesium (Mg)


Phosphorus (P2O5)


Potassium (K2O)


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