Remote crop monitoring

Easily monitor your customers’ crops and make money with precision fertilization maps.


What does remote crop monitoring consist of?

We have been dealing with the subject of remote crop monitoring for more than 10 years.

Working with satellite images gives a lot of information about precision agriculture knowledge Thanks to them, we are able to observe changes in your field over the past few years.

Remote crop monitoring is done by satellites orbiting the Earth, which take a picture of a designated area every few days.

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What are the benefits of
remote crop monitoring ?

Faster response to crop changes

Reduction of losses and simultaneous increase in earnings.

Fertilizer cost reduction

Saving time


Fastly identify changes in your customers' crop fields.

Our remote field monitoring service will keep your customers informed of threats throughout the season, such as:


Easily create precise fertilization maps for your customers.

Our application is used to generate ready-made maps for nitrogen fertilizer spreaders. It provides:

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Remote monitoring
in numbers

More than 70,000 hectares have already been reported.


We are available in 16 provinces in Poland.


We are available in 90 counties in Poland.


We sell our remote crop monitoring products exclusively through our Partners.

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